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Top 5 uses for Paw Paw

So you've got your tube of Pure Paw Paw and you're wondering what can you use it for? 🤷‍♀️ Well you're in luck we've put together a handy little list to help you get started!👇

1. Dry lips 

Winter is coming my lovelies which means chapped lips are around the corner! Better grab a tube quick for super-hydrating goodness which will leave your pillows silky smooth. ❄️👄 

Pure Paw Paw - Perfect for lips...

2. Minor wounds

We've all done it, you're poaching your egg ready for its avo and sourdough and the pan burns your finger.  You're going for that loose curl look and you miss a lock, ouch! Even better you've got out of the taxi, missed the step and grazed your knee..whichever applies to you, don't fear, apply a blob of our ointment and you'll notice the difference! Paw-fect! 🥑🐾🤕

Pure Paw Paw - Try it for minor wounds...

3. Chafing 

It's not a subject we often discuss but unfortunately, it happens to us matter how big 🦍  or small 🐜 ! Pass it on too a friend and your chafing will come to an end...⛔️

Pure Paw Paw - Use us for chafed skin...

4. Dry feet

You've got feet dryer than toast without butter...🍞 Don't worry we have you covered. Pure Paw Paw is 

Pure Paw Paw - Perfect for dry feet...

5. Eyeshadow primer 

Talk about value for money, not only can it heal and repair your skin, it can make your favourite eyeshadow stay on for ageeees. But don't take my word for it, try it for yo-self! 💄

Pure Paw Paw - We're even good for priming make-up...

Ones that didn't quite make the cut:
- a door stop
- a replacement for your pet rock
- windscreen wiper

Team Pure Paw Paw x