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Everything you didn't know about Papaya fruit

Everything you don't know about Papaya

As Papaya fruit is the main ingredient in Pure Paw Paw we thought we'd share with you all the great and fun things this special fruit can do for you!šŸˆĀ < (We know that this isn't a Papaya, but it's the closest thing we've got!)

7 facts coming at you!

1. Papaya was originally produced in India, but it can grow in any tropical climate, like Australia!Ā šŸŒ“Ā 

2. Papaya fruit is also known as paw paw fruit! Ahh... it all makes sense now!Ā šŸ‘

3. You can get both boy and girl Papayas!Ā šŸ‘€Ā  I know right!Ā 

4. You can find around 13 different types of Papaya around the globe.Ā šŸŒŽĀ 

5. These guys have around 300% of your recommended daily amount of Vitamin CĀ šŸŒžĀ  (a lot more than our friend Mr Orange!šŸŠ)Ā  They've also got a load of Vitamin A, B and potassium!Ā āœ…Ā  Health-ey!

6. They've been known to heal wounds, ulcers and sores. They're also good at promoting healthy hair due to their high vitamin properties!Ā šŸ 

7. Whilst you can't consume our products, you can nibble on a real Papaya fruit which has been said to help with digestion, blood pressure and diabetes!šŸ‘

Enjoy your new found Papaya knowledge!Ā šŸ˜

Team Pure Paw Paw x