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5 things you miss from your 'Gap Yah' in Oz

If you’ve ever visited Australia, travelled around, spent a summer picking fruit or even just holidayed for a few weeks, you’ll be sure to miss a few of these…..

Goon. Ok, so it may not have tasted that great at the time, but it was a staple part of your liquid diet and was the key ingredient for a fun night!

Gap year in Oz? All about the Goon....and Pure Paw Paw!


BBQ's. It goes without saying really, you'd rarely go a day without enjoying one, hearing about one or smelling one. Come to think of it, did you ever cook in an actual kitchen the whole time you were there? 

Gap year In Oz? BBQ's are nearly as popular as Pure Paw Paw...


Speaking like a local. It didn’t take long, before you knew it you were speaking like you’d lived in the outback for years, words like ‘heaps’ ‘thongs’ and ‘eskys’ just rolled off your tongue. 

Gap year in Oz? Do like the locals and use Pure Paw Paw!


Fruit picking. Did you even really go to Australia if you didn't spend some time picking fruit? 

Gap year in Oz? Pick fruit for might end up in Pure Paw Paw!


Pure Paw Paw. You probably saw more tubes of Pure Paw Paw than you did cans of Fosters. They were everywhere. And now they’ve followed you back home to the UK!

Pure PawPaw now available in original and four delicious flavours.